Congratulations Jennifer!! ‘Miss September’ Student of the Month!

Image Front Cover Story!!

Miss September

First Name: Jennifer

Instructor who nominated you: Nia

Current Class: Pole Fit

Previous classes and/or workshops: Basic X, Hips and Booty

Favorite move: Anything that gets me off the ground

Favorite thing about Studio X:

What I love most about Studio X is the true sense of empowerment you feel after finishing a class. Pole dancing and Studio X in particular is such a confidence builder. All of the instructors are so supportive and positive that taking classes there is more like therapy than fitness. Nia will tell students “Oh yes you are going to do this today. I know you can do it.” Kat usually starts her classes by saying the only word she doesn’t allow is “can’t”. Yvonne and Krista have both said “you’ll get it, it just takes practice”. And it’s all true. Women of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels are accepted here and encouraged in a way I never thought possible. Studio X is truly a special place.



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