Month 3/ September Goal!


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Month 3 Goal/Challenge!

Let’s get a steppin’!! For this month let’s get moving. We are talking about increasing our steps daily. Park far away from your office, the store, etc and walk the distance to your destination. If you work at the Government Center, park on the 3rd or 4th floor of the deck, take the stairs and walk to your office! Don’t conveniently park as close as possible! The temperatures are starting to cool down and we’re not saying you have to speed walk! Just walk! Take the long way to a destination, not the most direct route. Walk the stairs! When you need to refill your water bottle, walk to a further away water fountain. Walk during lunch—believe me, there IS enough time to get a walk in AND eat your lunch. We all love convenience, but we should love a healthy heart more!

For those who have smartphones (iPhone & android), there are a plethora of FREE apps to use as a pedometer. If you have a smartphone (or pedometer) keep track of your daily steps. The recommended goal is 10,000 steps per day!!


Runtastic Pedometer Step Counter & Tracker


Footsteps- Pedometer Free

iMap my Walk






Noom Walk

Don’t forget to continue with previous month goals. Each month we build from every goal. Continue to drink enough water. Keep eating numerous and various fruits and vegetables. We will continue to post recipes and tips to help maintain these goals.

Also! Remember each member is to recruit new members. Since an email of mine was spread County wide, we each now have an ice breaker to get your co-workers interested, because if they get email- they got word about Fit Happens! So ask around and see who is interested and let’s build our team.


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